between these lines

A thread of sorrow sown into words, loosens, now undone between theese lines, i begin to hear, old songs that were once sung  They seep away from sentences, swim to cornes of the page  And drip to form an oceans of tears, still fresh from ancient age
They puddle at my feet, flow up my legs, then soar  throughout my skin they ocilliate, then possess my soul once more possesing the parts so empty, that i yearned to have it felt and felt it was by spirits of the past who to me their anguish dealt

Deep memories embedded within the reefs of my hollow chest  Like lightning came to life, i gasped, electrified at best  This hole i carried wherever i went, that haunted me its depths  It deepend to an ocean so black, i stumbled down its steps 
It brought me utter blindness, the surface was no more  I had sunk within a clouded abyss far away from familiar shore  But the echoes were loud and the cries i felt that shook me to the bone  These parts of me that wept from pain, my ancestors had know…

The embers of who I was

And in my heart I still recall 
The dreams of 5, of three years small
That in my slumber stood a soul 
Beyond cream curtains, past night fall

That soul of mine, oh did you know?
Of sorrow that crept between my covers
Laid dormant, seeds of pain would grow
And blossom already dead, into unloved lovers

And a yearning that came three centuries late
Latent feelings to which my heart was numb
But it struck my soul with such precision and fate
That I was certain the clock was in time with times drum

Destiny had bestowed me this lag
Between my spirit and the heart I kept for keepsake
That in the dead of night I would feel a faint nag
A warning from the soul, but the heart was yet to wake

The spirit tried to reach me, came three times a’ knocking
But I laid disconnected from the glowing strings that faded
And on the last knock, my heart began unlocking
But my heart would miss the echo from my spirits voice now jaded

Ancient constellations sprout from voids of dreary healing
In places whithin tha…

During the reign of flesh

These lips were made for curving in arches that are sharp enough to cut diamonds or spread chocolate onto bread
Kissing is so basic
In fact the only good thing about a kiss is feeling the other person smile on your face
Its like chocolate melting into your mouth.
Smiles can be like boomerangs, they can hit you between the eyes and leave you aching for days


The hidden edges of a circle
Come out at cold winter nights
Where tangents meet travel and timeless Cologne
The one I never quite got enough of
Just a whiff from jacket pockets
Or stale coffee in the car
Enough to fuel miles of ethical liberty,
That claims one does not feel because winters bureaucracy is a frost so sharp it numbs the constellations in your brain.

Midnight prayers

I awoke one night.
To the sound of your wailing
And its almost as if you saw me with the corner of your eye
But carried on And as I closed my eyes to go back to sleep, I couldn't help but notice the audience of angels listening to the concert of your tears
Under the cosy bedroom lightbulb
That would turn the night into a party
I was always excited by the idea of sleeping with the lights on
Half asleep, I would listen to your movements around the room
As you went about your secret conversations of the night time
But this time I was wide awake.I heard your prayers, they took me by surprise.
Your dark ritual left a grey tint on the purple curtains
Your chanting cursed the bed that I slept in,
I no longer needed the light of the room to tell that you were here with me
Because I could tell by the darkness of your heartAnd even now I awake and wonder if you ever really prayed for me
The way you say you did
With the same tongue you used when I heard you that night
And as I look in th…


WhileIwasthinkingofyouIaccidentallymadearosefromsomeleftoverducktape.AndmaybeifIwasdistractedforlongenoughI'dprobablymakeawholepalmtree, thatbranchesoffintotinydatesandpointyleaves.
BecauseIhadthisstrangethoughtaboutleaves, youseeifsomeoneputsaleafundertherightconditionsitcangrowintoawholenewtree. Anditskindoflike, allyouneedisasmallpieceofsomeone, tobeabletoreconstructtheseendlessgardensofpossibilitiesinyourmindaboutthem. Butforgetaboutthat.IwantedtogiveyoutheroseImade, butI'mscareditwillsticktoyourfingers. AndIknowyoudon'twantsomethingsopermanent, youprobablywouldn'tlikeitanyway. Well, ImeanitssobeautifulIguessIbetternotshowittoyou, itkindofhasawayofexposingthepersonthatmadeityousee, youwon'treallywanttoseethat. maybeI'll just useittostickmyglassesbacktogether, ortoclosemylipsshutsoIstopsoundinglikeacompleteidiot.~sama hakmi


Even when I didn't know a thing to do with alley ways
I still found myself in one
And the alley way knew me
It knew I was coming
And the flickering grey walls had that same tint of texture that hit my eyes for the first time before colour was born
Back in 1999
Grey sunshine
And so the alley way painted its walls just for me
For my eyes
The experience that nobody else had
and so, as dramatic as it sounds, the alleyway could be quite cynical
Because this one time I fell off my bike and scraped my knee, and I could of sworn the alleyway would bleed that same hue of young fresh blood, all over the concrete carpet as soon as I stepped in
Its as if I had never left it, or it had always been there
But the thing About alleyways is they have a double opening
And the scary thing is, I forgot whether I was heading into the alleyway, or out of it.
And I'm clueless which side is which,But this alleyway, it knows exactly.
In fact its known for centuries
The way those plastered steps point to the see…